“ Delve deep into a world where every detail tells a tale of authenticity and unparalleled craftsmanship, where Ekum Homes's timeless legacy and meticulous attention shine brilliantly in every facet. ”


Pramod aggarwal, the visionary behind Ekum Homes, has crafted a legacy of luxury and architectural brilliance. Each design element at Ekum Homes reflects his keen attention to detail. As a luminary in luxury real estate, he's not only raised iconic structures but also fostered profound trust and goodwill in South Delhi.

Shashank aggarwal, an alumnus of Shaheed Bhagat Singh College and the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, stands as a light of innovative thinking at Ekum Homes. Bringing fresh perspectives and modern strategies, he fortifies the journey towards architectural ingenuity and luxurious living. Under his visionary leadership, residences crafted by Ekum Homes transcend convention, evolving into contemporary masterpieces that harmoniously merge tradition with the future's aspirations.

Emerging from South Delhi's narrative lanes, Ekum Homes is more than a name. It symbolizes unity, exceptional craftsmanship, and a vision consistently striving for excellence. Through dedication to customer satisfaction, adherence to regulations, and our rich heritage in real estate, we've solidified our position as market leaders. At Ekum Homes, we craft spaces where dreams thrive, always remembering: “WE ARE THE ONE.”


For over three and a half decades, Ekum Homes has stood as a paragon of authenticity in the realm of luxury living. Beyond a brand, Ekum Homes signifies unmatched craftsmanship and embodies trust. In an era where transient trends often dominated, Ekum Homes remained resolute, championing unparalleled quality and quintessential luxury. Its 35-year legacy is not just a measure of time; it narrates a tale of steadfast consistency, an unyielding commitment, and the profound bond the brand shares with its esteemed clientele.

The visionary behind it all, Pramod Aggarwal, aspired to sculpt lasting legacies and nurture enduring relationships. Every design brought to life and home realized carries the very essence of Ekum Homes. As it stands today, reflecting on its distinguished journey, Ekum Homes assures a future where authenticity, trust, and legacy will remain its guiding principles.


The future is EKUM, a philosophy deeply rooted in trust, craftsmanship, and innovation. Founded by Pramod Aggarwal, we craft sanctuaries where dreams blossom and memories are intricately woven. Our commitment to detail resonates perfection, with meticulous attention in every corner, believing that God is in every detail. We prioritize safety, comfort, and sustainability, ensuring each design embodies these ideals and nurtures the well-being of its residents.

Choosing Ekum Homes is aligning with a legacy where every stone speaks of trust and dedication. Our properties are more than structures; they're reflections of unparalleled commitment, resonating with the aspirations of our clients. Join us, be part of Something Greater, Something One.

"At Ekum Homes, Our Team's Synergy Is Our Strength, Turning Visions Into Reality And Sculpting Dreams From The Bedrock Of Dedication And  Passion."